Monday, October 26, 2009

Creativity is Expressed by the Internet...

There are many sources that you can express creativity by. One way is by the internet. You can express it from the internet by showing your feelings. If you make an avatar you can make it to represent yourself. There are other ways like instant messaging. You can express creativity with instant messaging by making emotions such as smiley faces by : and ) if you put these together it makes a happy face like this... :). Also you can edit you font and change the colors of the writing. You can change colors by red if your mad or blue if your sad. Also yo can become a member of many different websites as in blogger or game websites or even socializing websites. These can all be fun but remember... Protect your identity!!


  1. I really liked what you said for Creativity is Expressed by the Internet it's really good.

    - Bookworm